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Unique hotel Yunak Evleri, Turkey

Yunak Evleri

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Sleep in a luxurious cave!

Located in the land of caves and hot-air balloon flights, this unique hotel offers you chance to spend a night in a cave. Original dwellings here date back to the 5th century, only today they're a bit more luxurious.

Hotel has restaurant, spa and swimming pool on site. One of the hotel stays that will be remembered for long!

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Airport transfer
Swimming pool

Unique hotel Yunak Evleri1, Turkey


Unique hotel Yunak Evleri2, Turkey


Unique hotel Yunak Evleri4, Turkey


Unique hotel Yunak Evleri5, Turkey


Unique hotel Yunak Evleri6, Turkey


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Yunak Mahallesi 50400 , Ürgüp, Turkey