Czech: 9 unique hotels found

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 Unique hotel Hotel Jested, Czech Republic

Hotel Jested

Book your stay at the giant cone with amazing views!


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 Unique hotel One Room Hotel, Czech Republic

One Room Hotel

Book the best views in Prague!


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 Unique hotel Boat Hotel Matylda, Czech Republic

Boat Hotel Matylda

Spend a night in a boatel!


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 Unique hotel Boscolo Prague, Czech Republic

Boscolo Prague

Stay in the best boutique hotel in Prague!


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 Unique hotel Chateau Mcely, Czech Republic

Chateau Mcely

Book your stay at romantic 17th century hunting lodge!


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 Unique hotel Hotel Klaster Tepla, Czech Republic

Hotel Klaster Tepla

Spend a night in the 800-old monastery!


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 Unique hotel Medieval Hotel Detenice, Czech Republic

Medieval Hotel Detenice

Move back to medieval times!


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 Unique hotel Miura Hotel, Czech Republic

Miura Hotel

Modern artistic hotel with Warhol original artworks


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 Unique hotel The Grand Mark Prague, Czech Republic

The Grand Mark Prague

Spend a night in 15th century palace!


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