Haunted: 10 unique hotels found

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 Unique hotel Czoch Castle, Poland

Czoch Castle

Spend a night at the medieval castle!

Leśna, Poland

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 Unique hotel Ottawa Jail Hostel, Canada

Ottawa Jail Hostel

Spend a night in ghost-hunted canadian prison!

Ottawa, Canada

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 Unique hotel Dragsholm Castle Hotel, Denmark

Dragsholm Castle Hotel

Haunted castle with Michelin star restaurant!

Horve, Denmark

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 Unique hotel Hotel Chelsea (to be reopened in 2018), United States

Hotel Chelsea (to be reopened in 2018)

Sleep in the room of one of the world's greatest artists!

New York, United States

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 Unique hotel Hotel Henry, United States

Hotel Henry

Spend a night in the former mental asylum!

Buffalo, United States

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 Unique hotel Hotel Union Oye, Norway

Hotel Union Oye

Visited by royalties, adventurers and artists. And you!

Oye, Norway

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 Unique hotel Langham Hotel London, United Kingdom

Langham Hotel London

Stay in the favourite hotel of Charles Dickens and Princess Diana!

London, United Kingdom

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 Unique hotel Waitomo Caves Hotel, New Zealand

Waitomo Caves Hotel

Glowworms and ghosts

Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

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 Unique hotel Karosta Prison, Latvia

Karosta Prison

Get in the shoes of the russian prisoner!

Liepaja, Latvia

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 Unique hotel Q Station, Australia

Q Station

Dare to stay at the haunted quarantine station!

Manly, Australia

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