Underground: 6 unique hotels found

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 Unique hotel Treehotel, Sweden


Stay in the UFO!

Harads, Sweden

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 Unique hotel Wieliczka Mine, Poland

Wieliczka Mine

Spend a night in the famous salt mine!

Wieliczka, Poland

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 Unique hotel Bochnia Salt Mine, Poland

Bochnia Salt Mine

Sleep 250 meters below the surface!

Bochnia, Poland

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 Unique hotel La Claustra, Switzerland

La Claustra

Spend a night in restored underground army fortress!

Airolo, Switzerland

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 Unique hotel Sala Silvermine Underground Hotel, Sweden

Sala Silvermine Underground Hotel

Spend a night 155 meters below the ground!

Sala, Sweden

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 Unique hotel Grand Canyon Caverns Suite, United States

Grand Canyon Caverns Suite

Spend a night 70 meters underground!

Peach Springs, United States

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