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Unique hotel Amazon Muyuna Lodge, Peru

Amazon Muyuna Lodge

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Explore Amazon jungle from one of the best eco-lodges in Peru!

Located  up the Amazon River, 140km from Iquitos, this small and unique rainforest lodge is a heaven for all animal-lovers! It is so secluded that it guarantees observation of monkeys, birds, sloths, pink dolphins, fish, caimans and others.

All bungalows have terraces with river view, hammocks and ensuite toilets. Expect no electricity here - try boardgames instead of TV and your phone. Whole lodge is very intimate and serious about eco-tourism. Amazon Muyuna Lodge offers many excursions including animal watching, meeting jungle and visiting local village. Perfect jungle adventure!

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140 km Upriver From Iquitos Amazon Muyuna Lodge, Paraíso, Peru